Saturday, April 12, 2008

Winter veg - the products

After my unpromising start with planting veg seedlings last autumn I thought you might like to know how they got on. Well some things did rather better than I had hoped: of course, the fennel never reached the football proportions that the locals boast of but that's fine by me. By the way, I notice that some people earth-up fennel - is this worth doing or does the bulb just get full of mud? The cabbage and cauliflower made a mad growth surge in the February-March sunshine, which then caused them to bolt, although I managed to salvage quite a few decent specimens. I reckon that cavolo nero was worth doing but again went to flower very suddently. Leeks are still coming along (does this mean they will be solid wood?) as are the garlic and spring onions. The endive is OK but the radicchio failed to turn red - why? The variagated swiss chard has over-wintered fairly well and is putting on leaf now so perhaps a good gap filler. Broad beans sown in November have flowered and I hope to see fruits starting soon, provided there was enough rain at the right time. Peas sown at the same time got through the winter but are too close to the beans so are being smothered. Maybe I planted the veg in the right phase of the moon after all?

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