Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Buying plants

Buying plants by post from overseas is not really much of an option, other than for bare root roses. So it is down to the vivaio or market to see what we can find. The good news is that there are several shrubs and plants that will thrive in Central Italy - rosemary, lavender and so on - but the selection is very narrow and rather boring. How to find a decent selection of plants to cheer up the garden? Many of us spend terrific amounts of time driving around trying to track down something out of the ordinary. In desperation we even brave the vast expanse (and expense) of Margheriti. I often get tempted into buying new types of plant which turn out to be unsuited to the location and I regret it.
I am going to post a few blogs on 'Boring but Important' plants which are very common in this area but with a bit of effort there can be found some special varieties that can ring the changes.

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