Saturday, March 15, 2014

GBBD March 2014 - mellow yellow

Spring has arrived with a rush - and a couple of weeks early. The countryside is a mass of Yellow wild flowers and the garden too. 
 Little species daffodils are a delight both in colour and fragrance.
Corinilla glauca is flowering profusely - although the less bright Citrine is still just coming out - and the Euphorbias are going great guns.

 In the shade are little Periwinkle and Anenome Blanda in cool blue

but the taller Anenome Coronaria are bright and bold in the sunshine
 The Lonicera fragrantissima is still flowering and full of scent
Happy springtime to all Garden Bloggers


chloris said...

I suppose yellow is the colour of spring. It brings much needed sunshine into our gardens.
How wonderful to garden in beautiful Umbria. What are the spring wild flowers like there?

Jean Campbell said...

I always intend to plant Anemones the next season when I see the blooms of others' -- maybe this fall. Things look beautiful at your place.