Thursday, May 16, 2013

Irises in Florence

Sorry to have missed GBBD Yesterday but I went to Florence to visit the garden of Irises and see the annual iris competition. The site is managed by a voluntary group Societa' Italiana dell'Iris (donations box at the gate) and is in its 57th year. The garden is easy to get to – we took a train to Firenze SMN then taxi to Piazzale Michelangelo and afterwards walked back to Ponte Vecchio via the rose gardens. The Iris garden is below the ancient city walls in an olive grove and slopes down quite a long way. There is a large area at the top where the winners of every competition since 1957 are on show. The grouping of so many different irises in the olive grove was very nice indeed. Strange how they are so different in form and colour but blend together beautifully. The competitors for next year as well as the current year are in large beds: they seem to plant them and get the plants established a year in advance. Highly recommended - the garden is open until 20th May. Y

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Christina said...

I was tempted to visit this show when I saw it advertised but ran out of time, I will make sure to put it in the diary for next year! Christina