Monday, April 15, 2013

GBBD April 2013

 Bloom Day this month has seen a terrific rise in temperatures and a drop in the horrible winds. Everything is starting to burst out from winter dormancy and it is hard to keep up with all the tasks that the garden now demands - including the weeds.
The pink Rosemary is a lovely sight and a change from the ubiquitous blue.
 There is of course lots of Yellow, both intentional such a Coronilla Glauca and Medicago, as well as wild such as dandelions that carpet the vineyard.
The intense White of the Spirea Bridal Wreath is a result of winter rains.
 I wonder whether we will actually get to eat any of the cherries this year?
Small plants too are doing their very best: Vinca Minor is a carpet of blue.
New little species tulips appear every day - this is Tulipa 'Little Beauty'.
Happy Bloom Day and thanks to Carol at May Dreams Garden for hosting.


Yvonne said...

Well, this is my first time to join in for Bloom Day. My name is Yvonne too and I visited Umbria a few years ago, so you are my first visit. Your garden is beautiful and I just love seeing what you have posted. I look forward to seeing more.

Jane said...

Yvonne, your blooms are absolutely beautiful! I’ve never seen a rosemary bloom like that before. Happy GBBD!