Friday, December 16, 2011

GBBD December 2011

Late again with my Bloom Day post - I do hope that Carol at May Dreams Garden will forgive me. My excuse is that yesterday was the last possible gardening day of the year. Today storms and high winds are decending on us and next week is forecast that the temperature will drop by 10 degrees. So frantic last minute planting and preparing the garden for the sudden change.

Autumn flowering Elaeganus angustifolia has small white blooms with an intense perfumr. The roses are still blooming - Old Blush China, Awakening and William Allen Richardson make a particular show (but are rather difficult to photograph). Other plants are also holding onto their flowers for a surprising late show. Berries and fruit - lemons and pomegranate - are also brightening the garden and the pride of my veg plot is Cauliflower.

Happy winter festivities to all,



Nicole said...

Very pretty, idyllic rustic scenes

Lea's Menagerie said...

Thanks for sharing your world. Nice photos every one, but I like the orange berries best!
Merry Christmas!
Mississippi, USA

Andrea said...

Hi, i am new here. You should also have posted the cauliflower you mentioned, it is a flower anyway, lol. What is that fruiting tree at the last? Is it lemon?