Saturday, June 11, 2011

Filippi redux

On the way back from England by car, taking a detour via Montpellier gave me a chance to check up on Olivier Filippi's garden & plant nursery to see what was in flower in June. My previous visit in October found a riot of colour so my hopes were high. Of course the Cistus and Phlomis would all be over so what to see? The answer is that it looked just like on the cover of his book. Lots of deep blue Lavender and Calamint set against yelows of Santolina, Achillea and Helichrysum. The stars though were the low growing Teucrium with intense red-mauve flowers. Red highlights were also provided by Euphorbia Rigida. A big surprise was the bright yellow Cistus x tardiflorens which, as the name suggests, flowers later than the other Cistus. I feel my autumn plant order coming on already ...


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Christina said...

I only just saw this post, I am very envious that you went to Philippi's nursery, I must plan a vist. I saw a friend's yellow cistus a couple of weeks ago and I fell in love with them.