Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nasty business

Spring has com to the olive grove with the new intensely green grass and wild flowers forming a luxurious carpet. Horrifying then to see that in the neighbouring grove the landowner has sprayed herbicide around every tree - presumably to save the effort of mowing. Local people have got together a petition to the Comune against the evil practice. But then I saw a truck rumble past with a Provincia di Perugia badge and a huge tank, happily spraying all the roadside verges. Our road is now a parallel stripe of brown dead vegetation. What hope is there?



Bill Felker said...

Hi, Yvonne -
I'll be visiting Spoleto in May. What kind of flowering trees and plants will I find in bloom?

Rowena... said...

That is just horrible, horrible news. I hope residents against this will be able to get the comune to do something about it.

Christina said...

That's terrible, Yvonne, luckily the local comune hasn't any money here and they leave the verges looking wonderful. Some farmers spray a bit but again they seem to mean to spray very much thank goodness! Christina