Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer pond life

Despite the strange weather this summer the pond plants carry on unperturbed. Waterlilies, water mint (note the red dragonfly), water plantain and Pontederia in the shallows plus grasses around the edge all watch on as people swim.
Happy summer


Carol said...

Magical pond shots Y ... you can see the magic when blown up. I love the sky reflections and dragonflies. You have a lovely creature swimming there too. ;>)

RBell said...

The water lilies are putting on quite the show - very nice.

noel said...


i love the waterscapes also, the reflections are beautiful

maría cecilia said...

Cara Yvonne, I didn´t know your pond is also a swimming place, how wonderful must be swimming sourrounded by all those pretty flowers floating around... lovely, lovely!!!!
Congrats for the pond you have made!!!!
maria ceciliasiballat