Friday, July 16, 2010

Veg progress

The hot weather following the wet has brought on the veg a real treat. In fact we are struggling to cope with an avalanche of zucchini, especially the round ones. See here a basket full I picked over the course of 24 hours - I am learning to pick more than once per day as they grow so fast: the big round one pictured weighs just short of 1 kg ...
Not all the seeds have taken, which is no surprise as I sowed them so late. Beetroot has come up albeit patchy and I have been using young leaves in salad and will see if the roots are edible and not gone woody in this heat. But I added some French Bean seeds recently and they are mostly showing leaves already.
The Swiss Chard is also overwhelming as is the Wild Rocket. I made Rocket Pesto - with walnuts as opposed to Basil Pesto with Pine Nuts, but I will make some of that soon too as the Basil is doing well with huge leaves.
The various Onions are a but sad looking and the Shallots have almost disappeared but the Leeks seem to be keeping going. The Tomatoes are just starting to take colour - the little date shaped ones called Daterino are looking nice even though the plants are not as strong as the normal Cherry tomato. In the picture the plants look a mess as I have been away for a couple of days: I have been taking off the side shoots but should I pinch out the tops now to stop more trusses of fruit forming? Aubergines are coming along as are Peppers (still small) and Chillies - these long green ones are mild and round here they are fried to accompany grilled meat.
One lot of lettuce bolted before I could pick it and the Batavian lettuce has been patchy. But the red edged crinkly lettuce seems to be withstanding the heat quite well so I have put in a few more plantlets. Also some bulb fennel plants. The Radicchio plants are gowing (slowly) but the seed did nothing at all. The mixed lettuce seed seems to have taken but again patchy; I hope not to have to plant any more lettuce this year. I have some plantlets of Cavolo Nero, Cauliflower and Cabbage waiting to go in but ther really isn't any room yet: we must eat quicker!
Buon appetito!


Veg Seeds said...

Great Effort Dear
I admire you for preparing such green Veg,whether this time weather is a not according to grow such Veg.Good Job.

Anonymous said...

It all looks great, really well done as you started late. My salad seed planted late didn't germinate at all I think it needs a shade bed or a shade house to bring on the seed. Any recipes for cucumbers would be apprieciated as I pick about 6 every day. I'll try to post an update on my vegetables later today. Christina

marĂ­a cecilia said...

Cara Ivonne, what a great veg spot you have created!!! All those delicious vegetables will maintain you healthy and happy. Congrats my darling!!!

Sharon Lovejoy said...


LOVELY and so healthy looking. Wish you could share some of your bounty with me here in Maine.

All simple pleasures to you,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island