Saturday, June 19, 2010

GBBD June 2010 - golden days

Sorry to be so late posting my Bloom Day pictures - I have been away all week but did not want to miss the chance to record what is blooming right now. Summer is finally here and the garden is turning golden. All the rain in Spring has caused many plants to grow taller than usual. Even the humble Hypericum is making generous shrubs. Phlomis is everywhere, not just yellow but also pink forms, as it is one of the few plants that really grow well here. Santolina in silver, green and grey leaved varieties too are doing well. The little carpetting Tanacetum is flowering for the first time; Coreopsis, Senecio, Achillea and Helichrysum are all in flower together; the Genista is staying in flower for much longer than usual. But the real star is the yellow Water Lily which has just come into flower.

2 comments: said...

Lovely! I usually prune the flowers off the Senecio as I don't like the acid yellow but yours looks great

joco said...

Hiya Yvonne,

GBBD wouldn't be complete without you:-)
I came round on the day, but there was nobody home.
What a lot of yellow all at once. That Water Lily takes the crown. Oh, for a large pond/lake. Though ours would be all gunged up, so I'd better not.