Sunday, May 2, 2010

Early Chinese rose rally

The roses are starting to bloom especially early this year - which is strange as all the agricultural crops (vines, olives etc) are at least two weeks late. But Chinas already in flower are Beauty of Rosemaur, Comptesse du Cayla (new this year), Cramoisie Supérieur, Louis XIV, Mutabilis, Old Blush Clg, Pom pom du Paris, Queen Mab, Sanguinea, Viridis. Of these, the star performer to date is Pom Pom du Paris which is a huge shrub covered with cheerful pink pompoms. An early surprise but let's hope they stay blooming for a while. And there are at least another 5 varieties yet to come into flower.

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Anonymous said...

I've been surprised at just how early all my roses have been this year. Not just the China's but also some climbers and New English varieties