Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last minute hedge

The temperature has started to soar and is already mid 20s during the daytime; a storm is forecast for this evening then even hotter days to follow and no more rain. So today is the very last day for planting pretty much anything, especially larger shrubs. So the vivaista sent yet another truck load of plants. This time it is to make a last dash at the 'hedges' or rather the areas alongside the ugly fence around the pond. I don't want a hedge as such, just a range of shrubs loosely arranged to distract the eye from the wire netting and where I can put loads of bulbs.
The selection of shrubs is pretty varied: lenticus, mirtus, osmanthus, medicago, pittosporum heterophyllum, phillyrea, crataegus (hawthorn) ... then lots of white spirea to add a feathery infilling ... plus a few rugged climbers like honeysuckle and dog rose. At the end of the fence we also planted an area with lavender - again a mixture of types. The finishing touch was a whole mass of irises some of named varieties and varied colours and flowering times but mostly the ordinary local purple one.
Then the thunder rolls and rain begins to fall ... just in time.

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