Friday, October 23, 2009

Boring but important - Pyracantha

The bright orange and yellow berries of the spiny Pyracantha bush are everywhere at this time of year. Does that make it too boring? Well it seems to survive in my garden where all else fails - both drought and frost - and the splash of colour at this time of year is welcome. There are shorter varieties good for a low hedge and and tall, up to 4 m high giants for massive thorny barriers. Even Olivier Filippi has a tall hedge of un-clipped Pyracantha protecting his pépinière - so it must be alright then.


janie said...

I would think it is very good. I love pyracantha, and the birds love it too!

Carol said...

I cannot imagine anyone would think your Pyracantha boring... such lovely berries and as you say the color is great for this time of year. The fact that is it also a survivor makes it quite worthy. Carol

maria cecilia said...

Hello Ivonne, are you having frosts already?? How´s your pond doing? Has it rained? Here we are having a very rainy spring and I love it because the mountains are all in green.
Have a great week
María Cecilia