Friday, May 22, 2009


It has not rained now for more than 3 weeks and the temperature is well into the 30s. We are still only in mid May and so I dread what the rest of the summer will be like. Plants that were planted in April are in need of a thorough soaking every week (at least) and I notice that larger specimens are suffering worse than smaller ones. This all goes to support Olivier Filippi's system of plant small; plant in October and only water infrequently but in copious quantities
With the hot weather arriving at least one month earlier than usual it is as if I had planted everything a month later and hence more need of water. It is really tiring and stressful having to do all this but I am adamant that I won't have a drip system. Last week the vivaista sent one of her team to hoe around every plant (so that water would soak into to the roots) and to water - took him an entire day but thank goodness I didn't have to do it myself. Praying for rain - but nothing forecast for yet another week.
PS I ought to mention that this winter I planted nearly 1,000 plants so this watering regime plus daily watering of the Bermuda grass is getting to be quite a bore. But let's hope it won't be necessary next year.

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Anonymous said...

Cara Y,

1000 plants (did I get that right?)! Amazing. My wee garden gives me enough to do every morning. Luckily you seem to be surrounded by professional people. Can't wait to see your haven! Bacione Ingrid