Thursday, May 28, 2009

Terrace talk - watering update

I have been trying not to water the new plants more than absolutely necessary and after nearly a month without rain and temperatures up in the high 30's it is becoming clear which plants are surviving happily and which are suffering from stress.
Special mention for Abelia which although it looks like a normal flowering shrub most of the dozen or so that I planted have survived with little or no water. Teucrium, Convolvulus Cneorum, Phlomis, Helicrysum, Hypericum have come through well. Lentiscus Pistacia and Myrtus Tarentina have done well when planted as small specimens but the larger plants are suffering. China roses are doing well provided that their feet are well mulched - I have been using a volcanic stone mixture 'La Pillo' for the first time and it seems effective but a bore to apply as the bags are so heavy.
Surprising needy for water are Cistus and Rosmarinus Nano.

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