Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pond life - new shoots

The temperature is rising and blossom is out on the cherry tree next to the pond - reflecting white on the water surface. In the shallows the reeds have sprouted new shoots and the Water Mint, Butomus Umbellatus, Pickerell Weed are sending up new shoots from what looks like a wider area than last year, so they must be doing OK. Even the Water lilies have woken up and are sending up new red leaves from the depths searching for the surface.


Anonymous said...

Cara Yvonne,

Beautiful pictures! Long for a garden tour! Also comforting pictures in these terrible times. Easter will be in mourning due to the L'Aquila tragedy! Bacione and Buona Pasqua! Ingrid

Tony397 said...

Yvonne-I am new to your blog which I have found quite interesting.I live near Castiglione del Lago and I was wondering if you or any other reader know of where I can obtain Organic Pest Control.I know that Nigi in Chiusi have a small selection but I really want a slug killer that is based on iron phosphate as this is harmless to mammals and toads etc that eat the slugs and snails.Does anyone know if biological pest controls eg nematodes are allowed in Italy?
Many thanks

Yvonne said...

In this area I think Nigi is about as good as it gets but you could also try Rosi in Perugia. Otherwise there is a firm AgriEmporio which does online sales and their catalogue has nematodes: http://www.agriemporio.it/
If you cannot find what you are looking for try typing 'biologico' into the search box on their website.
I have not used this site myself so do please let me know if it is any good.