Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pond life - Bermuda shorts

The final task for the season is sowing grass seed on the open ground near the pond. I really do not want a lawn but recognise that there has to be something there to stop the dust blowing off the earth and into the water. The area is quite big - about 40m x 4m - so planting it all is a bit too much plus there needs to be access for a tractor or digger in case the well pump has to be lifted. The grass seed suggested by the vivaista is Bermuda Grass, variety Yukon. It is an experiment but we have high hopes as it is the sort of grass used for golf courses in southern states of America and is supposed to be very resistant to drought - in fact the grass was brought from Africa to America by Spanish settlers in the 16th century. Another plus point is that it does not grow very high (hence 'shorts') and may not need mowing. The only concern is that it dies down in winter and we just hope that the root structure will be robust enough to keep the dust down. Also the seed needs a month of warm wet weather to germinate, so bring on the rain.
The team raked the stones from the soil, sowed the seed broadcast then spread imported earth on top and rolled it down - all in the space of 3 hours. Mercifully the rain came later that afternoon.

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