Thursday, January 1, 2009

Terrace talk - structural plants

The first decision for the planting scheme was which tall plants and where. The major task is going to be moving in a big old olive tree from another part of the grove plus three new large-ish olive trees from the vivaio, so as to create the feeling of the grove reaching right down to the pond. But this operation must wait until after the frosts of January. Other 'structural' plants are being planted now - crucial to giving a skeleton to the scheme are two or three small scraggy juniper trees, the sort that occur locally in the garrigue, which I prefer to the ubiquitous Tuscan cyprus trees for this particular spot.
Taller 'up-accents' are also being provided by a large Punica Granatum (Pomegranate), a Vitex agnus castus (Monk's Pepper tree), Phillyrea, Feijoa (Brazilian guava), Ulex (ornamental gorse), Arbutus and Buddleia.
Tall dark leaved shrubs to give a background to the silver leaved plants include Bay Laurel, Myrtus tarentina (Myrtle), Viburnum Tinus, Lentiscus, Cornus, Osmanthus, Olearia and tall forms of Rosmarinus. For bulky sliver clumps, of course, the inevitable Teucrium fruticans.
Once all these are in place it bcomes so much easier to see how to fill the rest with lower plants to give colour and texture.
Y (PS the photos at the moment are all fuzzy because it is either raining or misty)


Jonty said...

Y, great stuff, I look forward to reading your more detailed/more frequent blogs in 2009. Ian

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