Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Terrace talk - shorter plants

The planting continues whenever it is not raining or freezing - the pond has been covered with ice for a couple of weeks now. It seemed scarcely possible but yet another lorry load of plants has been delivered and the task is not even half done yet - at least 500 plants are already in the ground.
The texture and 'movement' of the planting scheme is enriched by using some shorter - but still structural - plants. These are not just the ever-present lavender and dwarf rosemary but also a shorter Artemesia, Senecio, a low growing Hypericum and the silver leaved Convolvulus cneorum. I count Perovskia and Caryopteris as short plants because they get cut to ground level in spring but add useful tall blue and silver effects in late summer and autumn.

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Anonymous said...

Cara Yvonne,

Your pond life seems to be built on science. How on earth do you know what plants to choose etc???
By the way, your photo of the light blue shutters and the herbs/plants looks wonderful! Bacione, Ingrid