Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pond life - tidyng up

During the winter a zillion oak leaves have blown into the pond from the bosco nearby which I have not been able to clear up whilst the water has been frozen. There is also a lot of general silt and stuff probably washed in by the rain. During the autumn the water went cloudy - no algae just a natural turbidity caused by the combination of relatively warm weather and the plants being asleep. With the freezing weather the water has cleared again and I can see right to the bottom and realise just how many leaves there are down there. Today is chilly but bright so I have been able to go out and put in the robot. There is plenty for him to do as there are so many leaves but I want to try and get the situation under control before spring arrives and the temperature rises - a load of rotting leaf mold is not going to help with the challenge of keeping the water clean. Y

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