Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pond life - Iced over

I have been away for a few days over Christmas and the weather forecast was for cool and wet but no worse. But today I got back to find that it had been snowing and the temperature had reached minus 4 degrees. The pond is completely iced over. This might not have been anything to worry about but I had left the pump circulating the water and I am worried that it would freeze up and burn out the motor. It seems to have survived though by keeping the water moving below the ice sheet. The new plants seem happy enough and there is still snow all around them.

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Jonty said...

Y, thanks for the info, much appreciated, I even went right back over all your blogs to re-read your trials & tribulations. Another great story from Grand Designs was set in Alicante, the guy bought literally hundreds of full grown palms & ancient olive trees for ONLY 8,000 euro, so it seems thats the place to be. BTW, I bought a new book recently, 'The Mediterranean Gardener' by Hugo Latymer, do you have it? to me (as a med-novice), it seems to have all the info needed to make a go of gardening in the sun. All the best for 2009. Ian