Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pond life - Octoberfest

After a chilly start to October, the weather has now turned really sunny and warm, up to 24deg. Today is Sunday and just for once there are no workmen, visitors and the hunters in their combat gear have gone off for their lunch. So no excuse, I must go in. The terrapin thermometer tells me that the water is 19deg. I gingerly edge my way in and swim a length or two. The terrapin now sheepishly admits that it is in fact on 17 deg which is prett chilly. I tough it out for a few more lengths but with quite a 'brrr-ivido'. But at least I did it - no photographic evidence though, you will just have to believe me.
By the way I later discovered that the Italian regulation temperature for a public pool is 27deg and no less than 24deg even for olympic events....

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