Saturday, March 29, 2008

Roses - a new specialist vivaio in Perugia

I was at the dry cleaners this morning to drop off some clothes and happened to notice a leaflet on the counter. It was advertising a vivaio near Perugia which specialises in antique roses and they are holding a series of classes on rose growing and rose appreciation. What a place to stumble on such a thing! I looked them up on their website and they were holding a class (free of charge) that very afternoon. So off I went, and despite the difficulty in locating the place which meant that I was rather late, I was greeted warmly and joined the group of rose enthusiasts. We learned about the evolution of the classic roses and how to look after them. They gave a practical demonstration of pruning - always tricky with older varieties. Afterwards there was Easter Bread and homemade wine. They are young people who want to create a business for rose amateurs with a special niche and I wish them well. I bought 3x Old Blush Rosa Chinesis. They are starting to produce their own roses too. I recomend a visit to anyone who is really interested in roses.

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