Sunday, September 30, 2007


I am really not one for gadgets. By the time you have got the thing out of the shed, remembered how to work it, filled it with diesel or found a socket to plug it into you could have gone out and done the job already. Also I am not strong enough to lift a power strimmer and certainly not to get the thing started. But I have just found a magic device that seems like it will save me hours of back-breaking effort. Bosch now make a tiny hedge trimmer that works on a rechargeable battery and weighs only 0.5 kilo. The battery lasts 45 minutes - quite long enough to whizz round the lavender hedge. I tried it out already on an over-grown hedge of teucrium. Brilliant. A job done in minutes that usually takes ages with secateurs. It is probably not strong enough for pruning roses and big shrubs though. I got it as an early birthday present to myself and well worth the Euro 65 that it cost.

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